Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Women's Entrepreneurship Conference - March 31, 2016

Event Details
Presented by SheEO and sponsored by the City of Toronto this event is aimed at early stage business women in Toronto who have an idea, have just started a venture or are contemplating starting a venture.

Panel #1: Funding Your Venture
Learn how to finance your idea, stay in your job while you begin your venture on the side, and how to prepare to leave your day job and commit to your venture full time. 
Panel #2: How to Reach Your Customer
Learn how to determine who your audience is, how to reach them, how to market to them, and how to create lifelong customers.
Practicing Radical GenerosityAn open mic session to make your ask and to give back. Attendees will have an opportunity to make their ask for one minute. Anyone in the room that is able and willing to help can respond.

'Utkata' Chair Yoga Session
UTKATA is Toronto's only 30-Minute Office Chair Yoga service that allows people to stretch, refresh, and recharge without leaving the comfort of their chair at the office. No need to change clothes or bring your yoga mat. All you need is the chair you're sitting in. 

Session #1: The Quintessential How-to List
How-to uncover your thinking talents, find your strengths, identify what you are missing, find your team, bootstrap your way to market and get into action. 
Session #2: Crowdfunding
Learn how to use crowdfunding to finance your venture. This session will teach you the ABC’s of crowdfunding, why it’s one of the best ways for women to raise money, and how to get started.
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